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Where In The World Is Obama Living?

Reading the CEA report … the White House Economic Advisers report on the economy .. makes you wonder just where in the world Obama is living. It surely cannot be here in the United States.  That report cannot refer to the state of this country.  It is absolutely impossible. So in what country.. where in […]

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While They Drooled…And Other Bits And Pieces

While they drooled… the economy collapsed… at their negligence in taking heed of the warnings being given………….???? ‘Get them now and quick … we will desperately need their votes in November….’ immigration reform .. Obama style…. suddenly pushed ahead of everything… Signs of cracks beginning to show?  Schumer goes against Obama on Israel….. Obama/Blagojevich…. why […]

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The Sneakiest Budget Yet

Not only does Obama’s proposed budget that he presented to the Congress yesterday have the greatest tax increases in it of all time for all those making $250,000 or more … it has taxincreases built into it for every American wage earner. Find out for yourself how this is the sneakiest budget anyone could ever try […]

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Our Economic Crisis .. How We Got Here

The simple facts .. made oh so complicated by those who benefited financially…  and the truth is worth revisiting over and over and over again…. Fast Tube by Casper

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Only In Hollywood

It is like this country has been forced onto a bullet train and is being taken in such a rapid pace to oblivion that we can’t even catch our breath long enough to take a fresh one. Listen to Obama in Los Angeles… before the Hollywood crowd … raising big money for the Democratic National […]

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