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The Twin Winners .. No Matter What

No matter what ..  twins Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be winners.  Obama has said so.  He has promised to subsidize those two hard working American’s money suckers for as long and with as much of our money as they want…. for as long as they ask for it. After showing a $13 billion […]

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Business As Usual … After The Takeover

As the Senate sits on the verge of passing a total takeover of our financial system … everyone out there needs to be aware that … surprise..surprise.. … Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will undergo NO change of any kind whatsoever. It will be business as usual for those govenrment controlled entities who were the […]

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GOP Prevails And Out Come The Same Old Lies

The GOP mangaged to block the financial “takeover” bill for now… and instantly the lies came out…. the biggest one being the old standby… Wall Street caused this financila mess we are in. ‘Democrats seized on the party-line, 57-41 test vote to portray Republicans as standing up for Wall Street banks that helped push the […]

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ABC … Government Network?

Has Obama snatched one more arm for his total rule agenda? ABC announced today it  will close down all of its bureaus except the one in Washington D.C. Government Motors out of Genreral Motors and Chrysler are a given. Government Home Loans known to us as Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac is operating as usual […]

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Government As A Competitor

When government competes … nothing is fair. Toyota is the target and it has no chance against the Obama administration. Toyota is   non-union and needs to be taught a lesson. Ford will be next in one way or another … simply because it is successful. It happens because government is never a competitor .. […]

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Our Economic Crisis .. How We Got Here

The simple facts .. made oh so complicated by those who benefited financially…  and the truth is worth revisiting over and over and over again…. Fast Tube by Casper

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