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The New Financial Oligarchy

Obama touts his financial reform bill … which is nothing more than a financial oligarchy … and the lies he speaks are stomach turning. He speaks of looking out for “public interest” instead of “special interests”.  Is he kidding?  Nothing he says here is true.  Nothing. You can read the bill itself here … all […]

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The Dying Embers?

OK.. you tell me. Are the Republicans being smart here … in dealing with the financial reform bill the Senate is attempting to pass … or are they serious about what they ask for? Interesting. One way to make sure those dying embers keep fading. With yesterdays’ primary results .. those dying embers look dimmer […]

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GOP Prevails And Out Come The Same Old Lies

The GOP mangaged to block the financial “takeover” bill for now… and instantly the lies came out…. the biggest one being the old standby… Wall Street caused this financila mess we are in. ‘Democrats seized on the party-line, 57-41 test vote to portray Republicans as standing up for Wall Street banks that helped push the […]

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