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Religious Repression, Sharia Law or Neither?

Today is the day four Chrisitans will be arraigned in a Dearborn, Michigan court following their arrest on June 18rd for passing out Christian literature and talking about their religion outside of an Arabic international festival in Dearborn. Fast Tube by Casper I am all for freedom and the right to hand out literature to […]

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Truth Becomes Hate Speech

It has gone full circle… the “change”.   It has gone from the truth being stomped on and disregarded to this day .. when truth is finallly declared as hate speech. Is this the “change” that Obama spoke of in his promise filled campaign …. the campaign based on “hope and change”? Of course it […]

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Government Should Decide To Whom Free Speech Applies?

Read this article and make your decision of whether or not Elena Kagan is a good choice to sit on our Supreme Court … deciding cases according to our Constituion for the sake of all American citizens. Some of what Kagan has said in the past……. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan said the high court […]

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Unheard Voices

House Democratic leaders have set up a war room from where they can learn tactics of how to handle those people who are vocally expressing their opposition to Obama’s healthcare plan. This by Jared Allen on The Hill…… With more news accounts of Democratic town hall meetings running rampant with angry and even violent anti-healthcare […]

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To Laugh Or Not

Great controversy over the “joke” told by Wanda Sykes at the White House Correspondents Association dinner is just silly. Anyone can say what they wish to say .. the First Amendment you know. The reaction to this joke is what is interesting. People speak according to what they believe … or what they would want […]

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