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Bits And Pieces

It has been quite a year.  None of it has to be repeated here.  We all lived it and can look back to see just what went on. It continues to the end. As gas prices steadily rise .. with demand being down… where is the outrage that was there against George Bush when prices […]

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The Price Of Gas

The only way you haven’t noticed the sharp increase in gas prices is if you don’t own a car .. or drive.  It is up over $3/gallon .. and that hurts in an economy where no more hurt can be afforded. Why the increase you say? The feds “bought” $600 billion dollars worth of government […]

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Gas Prices Soar To Silence

Last year gas prices went up …. up high .. and the screaming went up higher .. especially from those hating Bush. It was all Bush’s fault!  Investigate those oil companies!  Tax them!  Windfall taxes! They are making way way way too much money! The headlines went on and on and on… and then … lo […]

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