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Unbridled Power Abuse?

Is this unbridled power abuse by this Obama administration? Unbelievable. We want your restaurant, your land … or we just don’t like you prospering so well.. or we just plain do not like you….. The continuaous attempt to throw away our autonomy?  Geithner push for global capital rules Obama using his seat to stir up […]

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Obama/Geithner Plan For Takeover Of America’s Finances

Here is Geithner … promising financial takeover is “absolutely in the cards”. Read the bill yourself..  The Financial Reform Legislation Bill.. Read The  Hertage Foundation’s take…. Do Americans realize at all just how devastating this would be to all of us?  It is a complete takeover of every aspect of the financial system in this […]

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Obama’s Plans For The Financial Regulatory System

The march goes on.  Obama has no intention of letting go of his plan to grab control of all he can and the pressure is on the financial regulatory system. Obama and Geithner see an immediate need to take over all of the finanacial regualtory system .. including making it all powerful even over all […]

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A Great Big No To Obama

As Obama calls for a ‘global financial plan”…. for the good of all of us “global citizens” … the Federal Reserve Board has given a resounding no to U.S. Treasury secretary Geithner’s request for a public review of the central bank’s governance and structure. In other words  … the Fed has said no to Obama’s […]

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