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Getting It All Backwards

It is always amazing.. and it always will be.. to see how people like Obama and Gibbs et al continue on their way getting it all backwards.  Even a child could understand the things Obama et al seem to not be able to grasp. The simple fact that spending money you do not have is […]

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Bits And Pieces

Oh how they pounce … as the desperation grows. Clinton would love to have you believe the GOP has gone crazy .. when in reality it is the Democrats whom have … in their desperation .. turned to anything they can to try to knock the truth out of the picture. One of those tactics […]

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Usual Order Of Obama Administration .. Pretend And Lie

The usual order of the Obama administration has remained intact with the news of the arrest of many conspirators in a Russian spy ring in Northeastern states that has been under investigation for the past ten years … pretend and lie… and of course do not put America first ever. The first order of the […]

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Freedom Is Irreplaceable

It is a sad day for America when the government can completely ignore the voice of the large majority of its people and .. using whatever is in its means including bribery .. will force something upon us that we have let them know in millions of  loud and clear voices we do not want. […]

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Town Hall Meetings

What does “town hall meeting”  denote to you? Would you not think it is a place where the public should be able to ask its questions freely and expect to get honest answers from the people holding the meeting … whether it be the local town council or the President of the United States? Of […]

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