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Government Fed Hysteria?

We are just getting beyond the Gulf oil spill that the government on one hand tried to cause hyteria over while on the other was saying ‘come on down….the water’s fine”. Now comes the lowly egg. Who ever decided to pick on the egg? The beyond massive egg recall has to be a joke .. […]

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Rampant Repressive Government Control

If you feel sick to your stomach these days with every news report you hear or read and cannot even put words to what it is that is causing it … reading this article should help you understand the source. Obama says health care plan already helps millions……….. It is all about the control Obama […]

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GOP Prevails And Out Come The Same Old Lies

The GOP mangaged to block the financial “takeover” bill for now… and instantly the lies came out…. the biggest one being the old standby… Wall Street caused this financila mess we are in. ‘Democrats seized on the party-line, 57-41 test vote to portray Republicans as standing up for Wall Street banks that helped push the […]

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Obama’s Agenda Clearly Defined

Obama’s agenda can be defined in two words .. redistributive rights. You can hear him assert this in the video below….. Fast Tube by Casper Once he achieves this … redistributive rights  .. he gains control of all in all ways he foresees doing. The redistributive change begins with the banks. Take the big banks […]

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Cave Control

Osama bin Laden .. if he still heads el Qaeda … controls the world from his cave… or does he? If you listen to the White House and the news and read the media headlines.. you would think that the terrorists are about to drop a nuclear bomb in the center of the United States […]

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When Government And Unions Takes Care

If you think government does good of the people, by the people and for the people…. …. check this out. Fast Tube by Casper Perhaps you are one who has believed all of Obama’s promises. This is the end result of the same kind of dreamers. Do for yourself .. no one else can… … […]

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Money, Money, Money… Oh Where Art Thou?

Money, money, money. It is all everyone seems to want … at least everyone in this administration. Oh … where art thou .. money? You may not know it … in fact you know the truth to be just the opposite of that which they want … who? … to believe… that you have so […]

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Obama’s Light Touch Wish

“I think the irony … is that I actually would like to see a relatively light touch when it comes to the government,” Obama said Tuesday in a White House interview. Indeed.. the irony is heavy .. and maybe .. just maybe.. his actions belie his words just a little. Obama has a way with […]

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A Steady Beat As We Sleep

It is absolutely amazing … how we Americans continue to believe even after the deal is done and the reality stands before us in black and white. Is it our trusting and naive innocence that will be our downfall …. trust in those who we elected to protect and keep our nation and our freedoms […]

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UAW And Obama

Obama is supposed to be for the little guy.. right? General Motors UAW employees were asked to give concessions in the battle for General Motors’ survival.  The sad thing is no matter what …General Motors will not survive.  Obama Motors will take over… already has of course. In the meantime …. the UAW employees were […]

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Stop Obama Time

Alan Grayson.. a Democrat senator.. had an epiphany at Disney World.  People need vacations! Paid vacations  … ordered by the government. OK..let’s see here now.  Obama has been in office for how long? This far… we are looking at Obama cars, Obama energy , Obama health care, Obama lightbulbs, Obama banks, Obama insurance, Obama cereal, […]

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Another Obama Purchase

GMAC .. the lending arm of General Motors and now Chrysler…. Obama Motors … is about to be purchased by Tim Geithner for Obama. Now owning 35% of GMAC  .. the Treasury Dept is planning to “invest” another 7.5 billion of our money to gain a majority stake in GMAC for the government. GMAC will […]

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