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Our Health Care Has Become A Commodity

Our health care has become nothing more than a commodity in the eyes of some senators in Washington. Just how far  could $300 million dollars go toward giving those so-called millions of Americans who are out of health care …. good health care? That is the amount of money supposedly by her own admittance Louisiana’s […]

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Hatch Against Obamacare?

When Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) is against something the liberal Dems are for  .. you had better look twice at what those Democrats are trying to shove down your throat. In this case it is Obama’s healthcare… which Hatch terms as “out of this world”. That is a clear and loud warning bell .. people. […]

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Spend A Trillion And Save

Our present administration and some members of Congress have a skewed idea on how to save money. Spend a trillion dollars … that will do it. This is the plan to save oh so much for all of us on health care.  Just turn it over to the government who will then spend right out […]

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