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Stupak Gone!

Stupak of Michigan’s 1st District in the U.P. will be gone!  Dr. Dan Benishek looks like a great replacement. Stupak announces his flip … with the promise of an executive order that has nothing to do with changing the law … in this case the national healthcare bill which would become law if voted for […]

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Pray To St. Joseph Says Pelosi For This Wonderful Bill

Can you just imagine what the headlines would be if a Republican put  this out there? Fast Tube by Casper Wow. .. also… Joe Biden admits…. “we will control the insurance companies”… Jake Tapper interview… see it all here. TAPPER: When you talked to these members of Congress, you told me what you tell them.  […]

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The Madness Thickens

The CBO has not yet been able to give out its analysis on the cost of Obamacare.. but … the Democrats are making it sound as though it has and that it has declared the bill a COST saver. How in the world can ANYTHING that promises what the idiots touting this bill are promising […]

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Does He Fool You?

The interview with  Bret Baier and Obama was at best a “frustrating” conversation for Obama. Why? He was pushed for answers.  He didn’t give the answers but was obviously very frustrated because Baird would not quit pushing him for answers. Lies and false inuendos  is all we hear in this conversation from Obama as he […]

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Was There A Reward For Kucinich’s Flip?

UPDATE #2:  Cardoza and Costa of California … water seems to be worth our freedom to them. Also …  anyone can play with numbers to make them show just what they want them to show.  This is no different.  I witnessed first hand how numbers are manipulated to obtain the exact result wanted … with […]

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Just Deem It Passed?

Pelosi obviously does not have the votes to pass Obama’s helathcare plan so is now hoping to just “deem it passed” without members of the House even voting on it. Let’s stop this bill once and for all. Email, fax or call as many House members as you can. Get the whip count here. Get email […]

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Latest House Vote Standings On Obamacare

Get the latest standings on how the Representatives in the House will vote here. You can contact any of them by finding their phone numbers here. Get the emails and fax numbers here. Go here for a list of those still possibly on the fence …. … Let’s stop this madness … get our country […]

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The Reign Of Madness

This is the reign of madness in Washington. Just check out these reports… and you may tend to agree. Afraid of viruses?   DON’T READ DRUDGE! What a breath of fresh air to read this!           The Supreme Court responds to Obama’s disgusting chastizing of the Court in his State of the Union […]

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Trick Mirrors and Smoke Screens .. Second Edition

Trick mirrors and smoke screens by Obama … second edition. Reconciliation. Just pass the healthcare bill.  Just do it already … you guys over there in the House.  Make your recommended changes … whatever you wish.  Send them along with the signed bill. The Senate is  anxiously awaiting that bill to return to their hands. Once […]

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C’mon Guys .. I Will Let You In This Time

Come on over… guys.  I will let you in this time.  How’s that? Obama welcomed the Republicans to a whole half day summit on the healthcare bill .. “I want to consult closely with our Republican colleagues,” Obama told  Katie Couric, just hours before the Super Bowl. “What I want to do is to ask […]

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Are We In Trouble Yet?

We all know what Obama is doing to our economy.. our job picture therefore taking the brunt of that …. but what about the rest of the landscape? Are we in real trouble yet? You be the judge……. Man handcuffed at Sea-Tac airport by TSA for not telling them how much money he makes. Home […]

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Call Congress On Healthcare Bill

Right using liberal 1-800 number Christina Wilkie – 09/30/09 07:01 PM ET A 1-800 number owned by a liberal group that connects callers to the Capitol switchboard is being hijacked by conservatives. Families USA, a left-leaning consumer group that supports Democratic efforts on healthcare reform, has launched a campaign urging people to call Congress to […]

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