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Trick Mirrors and Smoke Screens .. Second Edition

Trick mirrors and smoke screens by Obama … second edition. Reconciliation. Just pass the healthcare bill.  Just do it already … you guys over there in the House.  Make your recommended changes … whatever you wish.  Send them along with the signed bill. The Senate is  anxiously awaiting that bill to return to their hands. Once […]

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We MUST Fear Obamacare

We must fear Obamacare if we value our freedom. This beaureucratic takeover of our heathcare system has ever so much more to do with things other than healthcare.  Healthcare just happens to be the tool being used to take over just over 17% of our economy … as most of us now know. The cry […]

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Catholic Charities U.S.A Stand on Healthcare Reform

Expected and definitely unequovical … this statement has been made and printed by the Catholic Charities U.S.A……. Catholic Charities USA Health Care Statement: Catholic Charities USA states unequivocally that it does not support any plan to reform health care and/or any proposed legislative provision that allows or promotes the funding of abortions or that compels […]

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The Rebuttal

Today … the day before the important Senate vote on the health care bill… the health unsurers of the country send out a report of the cost of this new health plan… which of course anyone with any common sense already knows will be much higher than anythig we pay today. How can it not? […]

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Flag At White House Dot Gov Still Alive And Well

The email .. supposedly taken down from the internet… at least that is what was said to have happened. However  … it is now “refound” … still at the site … quite alive and quite well .. happily listed just below the first video within the blog titled “facts are stubborn things”. They […]

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American Voices

Americans speak up loudly and clearly against the Obama healthcare plan. No national healthcare is the cry over and over and over again. Is that a voice being heard .. or just listened to as a token thrown at their feet to appease? No matter what the voices say … Washington says it knows better. […]

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Obama Health Care Realities

The talk is no abortions in Obama’s great one for all health care plan… but is that even a reality for him?  He may not insist it is in there right now… too appease enough Democrats to win their votes.. just as he is trying so hard to convince the public that their health insurance […]

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