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Can We Find A Silver Lining?

It is said there is a silver lining in every cloud. Can we find a silver lining in the cloud that has settled over our freedom here in the United States with last night’s vote in the House of Representatives? We have been betrayed by the very people who were elected to represent us. Our […]

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Is This Where We May Be?

Is this where we may be? If the national health care bill of Obama is passed and signed into law today… is this were we will be? “Collectivism justifies any means to achieve its great ends. Any expediency is justified, no matter how it may affect individuals or small groups, for the benefit of the […]

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Sleight Of Hand .. Facts .. And Numbers

You can decide for yourself how honest and straightforward the facts are about Obamacare and all that goes with it. The Numbers Behind Health Care The deficit reduction brouhaha is a joke. Hear it for yourself. America …we are on the brink of a cliff. Are we about to be thrown over head first .. […]

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Does He Fool You?

The interview with  Bret Baier and Obama was at best a “frustrating” conversation for Obama. Why? He was pushed for answers.  He didn’t give the answers but was obviously very frustrated because Baird would not quit pushing him for answers. Lies and false inuendos  is all we hear in this conversation from Obama as he […]

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