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Demanding It All

This report is very very confusing. ‘ Marchers protest Georgia immigration law. Yes… the illegal immigrants are expected to be angry at it .. after all… they have to lie to stay here or to work… or not get hired or maybe get deported… but the idea that they think they have the right to […]

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White House Takes On Arizona

Now it is our White House against one of our states … Arizona. If Washington was doing its job .. Arizona would not have to be taking it upon their own hands to protect their people and their state from the deadly dangers of the illegal immigrants flowing into Arizona. The argument of Washington .. […]

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This Is Why You Need To Vote

The sheer arrogance along with the ignorance of this man is disgusting .. and he is representative of what we have in our government today. Fast Tube by Casper America … we are worth more than this.  Get this man and all like him out. It is up to us.

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Why Arizona Had To Act

If you do not agree with the Arizona enforcement of an illegal immigration law.  perhaps you will after viewing this. P.S.  The fence being built is unbelievable to see .. and to see Mexicans  scaling it as they are here is just plain scary.  They have absolutely no respect for anything.. much less this nation. […]

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