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Temper Tantrum?

A child is expected to have temper tantrums when things don’t go his/her way. A president? Obama is having his greatest temper tantrums to date in this time before the November election. ┬áHe is stamping his feet and shouting out like that child who has not yet learned that life is not such that it […]

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How Sweet It Is

How sweet it is when the truth as one wishes it were can be layed out there as sweet and innocent and pure as new fallen snow .. all in a movie for the whole world to see. That is how it is with the movie “Machete”… which treats illegal aliens as pure victims of […]

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And We Must Laugh.. We Just Must!

We must laugh .. as it is what keeps us sane in the midst of madness. The following comes from someone commenting to a post over at Hot Air … and thanks go to jeff the poster… “C-SPAN is doing a deplorable job this morning. They opened the phone lines to illegal aliens to call […]

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