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The Trouble With Lies

There is one great big universal trouble with lies that never ever changes. If you tell one lie, another will have to follow to cover that lie …. then another will have to follow to cover the cover lie …. then one more to cover that one …. and on and on and on….. How […]

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Bits And Pieces

Senator Bright (D-AL) … when asked whether or not he would back Nancy Pelosi … responded by giving examples of things that could happen in which he would not then have to worry about whether to vote for her or not.  One was Pelosi may get sick and die before then.   The press tried to make […]

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Why Do We Wonder?

We wonder why and how Americans could back Obama in any way shape or form.  No one who values their freedom could possibly stand up and say “Yay Obama!” Could they? Read these poll results from CBS News and you will no longer have to wonder why. This poll is about the favorability standing of […]

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In Perpetuity To The Folly Called Congress

Look at the faces.  See the ultimate look of triumph.  See what they have accomplished. It looks and sounds like “Dick and Jane”… sorry.. Dick and Jane. The ultimate sign of the complete juvenile behavior of our Congress screams out in bold red letters in what has to be the greatest folly yet of mankind […]

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Oh.. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy

First you are so adamant about the interrogation methods …  so insulted that Americans would treat anyone like that .. so angry.. that you yelled and screamed and pounded your fist saying they MUST be investigated… they must. They of course were the former administration’s people. You never ever ever ever in a thousand years […]

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