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The Unbridgeable Gap

There is an unbrideable gap between today’s White House and the American people who truly value this great country of ours and all it stands for. Obama is what stands on the far bank .. and the chances are slim to none that he will ever be capable of doing anything to help make that […]

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Fifty Years And Done

How many others are there out there like Joseph Epstein … who after fifty years says he is done with the New York Times? The mainstream newspapers seem to be on a downfall all of their own doing .. not of any economic perils or any other outside influences. ¬†Certainly it is not the fault […]

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On To The Death Panels

And now that Obamacare has passed … the New York Times is asking the question… “How can we learn to say no?” Oh.. the arguments sound all so great and thoughtful and good …. after all … who doesn’t know of at least one person who goes to the doctor much more than they would […]

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