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Bits And Pieces

To gain respect you must show respect.  Is a President really showing respect by appearing on a comedy show?  Obama did that again .. and that again is because he has already shown himself on Saturday Night Live .. and now on Comedy Central. The question seems to be whether or not he should have […]

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Getting It All Backwards

It is always amazing.. and it always will be.. to see how people like Obama and Gibbs et al continue on their way getting it all backwards.  Even a child could understand the things Obama et al seem to not be able to grasp. The simple fact that spending money you do not have is […]

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Stirring The Pot

Know who you vote for in November. That is just what Sen. Jim DeMint is attempting to make sure we do… as he calls out all those Republicans or any other party affiliation lawmakers in Washington who do not have the heart of the people first in their sites… stirring the pot that is Washington […]

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Reap What You Sow

You always reap what you sow and Obama et al are beginning to do so now.  Are they really going to be shell shocked or are they intelligent enough to recognize why that which is happening is happening? Not if they think like Chris Matthews. Wow! There is not one Democrat who stood behind Obama […]

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More Than A Millstone

As unemployment stays high … as the economy stays flat … as people struggle to redo their budgets to reflect this and survive … Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report calls this state of our economy a “millstone around the Democrats’  necks”. It is much more than that. It is the truth .. the […]

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Freedom Is Ours To Retain

This freedom we all love so dearly is ours to retain.  The question is how do we go about doing that? Vote.  We need to make sure we vote and that we know who we are voting for. The next best thing we can do is help in every way we can to get those […]

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We The People

This has to be the most hopeful news of the day  …. We the people… we are back. Obama is living in such a void … a place of unreality where he seems to hear or see nothing that is going on in the real world. It matters not how much we the people have […]

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Congressional Magic?

While we sleep … Congress once more pulls its magic tricks. Remember when they … those great Representatives of ours .. told us if the healthcare bill did not pass .. they would just say it deeming it passed? Didn’t make much sense then  .. did it? Well .. now they have done it […]

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Unbridled Power Abuse?

Is this unbridled power abuse by this Obama administration? Unbelievable. We want your restaurant, your land … or we just don’t like you prospering so well.. or we just plain do not like you….. The continuaous attempt to throw away our autonomy?  Geithner push for global capital rules Obama using his seat to stir up […]

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Spend And Tax Madness

Does any of this make sense? Spend, spend, spend…. Tax, tax, tax … to pay for the spend, spend, spend…… We will pay the price for Obama’s recklessness and desire for control and power… Could you get away with that? Work for November change… people. Do all you can to preserve our country.. our freedom .. […]

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Why Do We Wonder?

We wonder why and how Americans could back Obama in any way shape or form.  No one who values their freedom could possibly stand up and say “Yay Obama!” Could they? Read these poll results from CBS News and you will no longer have to wonder why. This poll is about the favorability standing of […]

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Obama To Get “Higher Profile”

It hardly seems possible .. but the new strategy for Obama in 2010 .. to hype up to the elections in November .. is to become more “high profile”. How is it possible? He has been about as high profile all around the world …. including here at home … as anyone could hope to […]

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