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Will Someone Get Real?

When oh when will someone quit worrying about bowing to groups for votes and CARE ABOUT THIS COUNTRY???? It is just unreal that so many politicians… left or right .. up or down …on the national level…. think FIRST of what VOTES his position will cost him rather than WHAT HIS POSITION WILL COST THIS […]

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Unbridled Power Abuse?

Is this unbridled power abuse by this Obama administration? Unbelievable. We want your restaurant, your land … or we just don’t like you prospering so well.. or we just plain do not like you….. The continuaous attempt to throw away our autonomy? ¬†Geithner push for global capital rules Obama using his seat to stir up […]

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Hold Steady.. All You Responsible Congressmen

Hold steady … all you responsible Congressmen in Washington. NO MORE SPENDING. The bipartisan jobs bill is just another sign of what this administration is all about. ¬†It will never be satisifed with anything but spenidng, spending and more spending … and pork and pork and more pork. Look at what they did here…. No […]

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Stop The Blame Game

The blame game is applied to anything that goes off line in someone’s eyes … and it includes everything these days from politics to murder. It is time to stop it. The most public blame game in a while has been by this administration against President Bush .. a continuation of course from the eight […]

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