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And Now It Is The Gold

Regulate .. regulate .. regulate.  Tax.. tax … tax.  Control .. control… control. .. and now it is the gold … as Weiner and Waxman set gold hearing . Methodical … righteous in all its power … relentless .. destructive. That is this administration of Obama. Look around you.  How many people in your life have […]

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Government Fed Hysteria?

We are just getting beyond the Gulf oil spill that the government on one hand tried to cause hyteria over while on the other was saying ‘come on down….the water’s fine”. Now comes the lowly egg. Who ever decided to pick on the egg? The beyond massive egg recall has to be a joke .. […]

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Control Control And More Control

Bank after bank is closed by federal regulators. Banks handpicked by Obama are backed by government funds …. made to be “too large to fail” .. and taken under control by Obama. Student loans are taken out of the hands of the banks to be controlled by Obama. Credit card companies are taken to task […]

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So That Is What The Plan Is

Of course.  He always has a plan.  Obama always has a plan of some sort or another… does he not? Obama says his healthcare plan will not offer healthcare to anyone living in the United States illegally.  He then promptly says that is more reason than ever we must legalize all those who are living […]

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Misguided Worship

“I saw God before me.” So stated a restaurant owner in whose restaurant Obama dined while in France. It is a misguided totally embarrassing worship.  If the man knew Obama .. his drive .. his self importance .. his ego .. he surely would have felt differently. The problem is… he doesn’t know that Obama. […]

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Agree Or Lose Big

General Motors.. oh pardon….. Obama Motors has told the major bondholders of what was once known as the biggest and proudest auto company in the world that if they did not agree with Obama and take what he offers .. they would lose big time.   If they did not agree to a 10% stake […]

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UAW And Obama

Obama is supposed to be for the little guy.. right? General Motors UAW employees were asked to give concessions in the battle for General Motors’ survival.  The sad thing is no matter what …General Motors will not survive.  Obama Motors will take over… already has of course. In the meantime …. the UAW employees were […]

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GM’s Battle To Live

As General Motors battles for its life … the handwriting is already on the wall.   Nothing will stop it from being forced into bankruptcy. The UAW agreed to big concessions in a desperate last minute gasp to save this great company… but the ominous hand over it all seems to say .. “do as […]

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The Truth Peeks Through

Is it the truth peeking through? As Obama pushes Chrysler into a bankruptcy prepared by Obama …. it is set up so Fiat will step in and take over Chrysler .. paving the way for Fiat “to produce its first model with Chrysler in 2011 if the accord between the companies is approved”… Fiat chief Sergio […]

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