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The Ultimate Insult

So you thought this health plan of Obama’s would be a good thing .. maybe? Here is the ultimate insult set forth in it… Every American’s OBESITY rating will be on his/her electronic health record. Believe me .. .  there is no way on earth my health record of any kind will be tracked online […]

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Obama Healthcare Poster Person

Natoma Canfield is a cancer patient in Ohio who wrote a letter to Obama saying how she was forced to give up her health care insurance due to the price… and that she cannot afford care. This was a bit of a deception. Ms. Canfield is at present being treated at the Cleveland Clinic .. […]

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The Rebuttal

Today … the day before the important Senate vote on the health care bill… the health unsurers of the country send out a report of the cost of this new health plan… which of course anyone with any common sense already knows will be much higher than anythig we pay today. How can it not? […]

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The People Speak .. But What Is Heard?

The American people are speaking up loudly about their concerns about the national health care bill proposed and pushed by Obama and his people.. but what do Obama and those people hear? It is made evident they do not hear the voices .. for they surely must believe that there is no one in this […]

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The Real Obama Coming Through

Orgainizng for health care.  It is all very real and very very scary to our freedom of choice in our health care. Obama is not a proponent of choice in anything .. and certainly not in healthcare.  The truth of how he really believes comes from a vdieo clip from 2003. Fast Tube by Casper […]

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