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So That Is What The Plan Is

Of course.  He always has a plan.  Obama always has a plan of some sort or another… does he not? Obama says his healthcare plan will not offer healthcare to anyone living in the United States illegally.  He then promptly says that is more reason than ever we must legalize all those who are living […]

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Fantasy Math In Fantasy Land

Obama spelled out his healthcare plan for the umpteenth time last night. Was there anything new in it?  New fantasy math being done in fantasy land? Just try adding up all he wants to do with healthcare… and see where the numbers lead you.  High … way way way up high… for everyone who pays […]

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Obama Caves … Or Does He?

Obama says it is time to take the public option out of his health bill. There is nothing that can be trusted about Obama in his push to get things done his way.  If he now seems to want to take the main spine of his plan out of his bill .. you can be […]

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The Thousand Page Albatross

The albatross called the Obama health plan .. is one thousand pages long. Has anyone anywhere read it?  Has Obama himself even read it? Perhaps you would be interested in finding out just what this albatross is .. that those who know so well what we need for our health care want to hang on […]

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Hatch Against Obamacare?

When Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) is against something the liberal Dems are for  .. you had better look twice at what those Democrats are trying to shove down your throat. In this case it is Obama’s healthcare… which Hatch terms as “out of this world”. That is a clear and loud warning bell .. people. […]

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Don’t Ruin My Presidency!

The makeover of the country’s healthcare system by Obama has been likened to what could be his Waterloo… a comparison made by Senator John DeMint of S. Carolina.   Obama openly denied it. Now however … the following report has come out… revealing just how close to reality that statement could be… and just how […]

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