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And So It Begins

And so it begins……… United Health Care and Blue Cross – Blue Shield in Florida have announced they will no longer offer individual children’s health insurance policies. Why? As of September 23, all insurance companies will be forced to cover any child with any disease or medical condition.  The fear of what unknown costs this […]

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Rampant Repressive Government Control

If you feel sick to your stomach these days with every news report you hear or read and cannot even put words to what it is that is causing it … reading this article should help you understand the source. Obama says health care plan already helps millions……….. It is all about the control Obama […]

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Freedom Is Irreplaceable

It is a sad day for America when the government can completely ignore the voice of the large majority of its people and .. using whatever is in its means including bribery .. will force something upon us that we have let them know in millions of  loud and clear voices we do not want. […]

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Obama And Unions / Gangster Government

Yesterday Obama and the Unions went head to head on health care and the American people lost out in a big way. Obama’s latest bribe…… Of course.. we the American people again had no say in any of this.. other than that Obama was elected into that office. C-SPAN was barred from the Senate-House-White House […]

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Beware Doublespeak On Healthcare

Obama speaks… again .. on healthcare tonight… and the only interesting reason to listen to it will be to see how he will twist the facts this time .. and to reaffirm again the truth of this man. He will lie about how many people are dying due to the lack of healthcare insurance.  He […]

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Obama’s Ultimate Insult Of The Day

There are things going on behind the closed doors of our Federal government that most of us know nothing about.  Each of them would no doubt be a total insult to every single freedom loving American. Those insults seem to have been coming daily since Obama took over the Oval Office. The latest insult to […]

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Common Sense Lives

Common sense  lives .. is alive and well.. in the United States. We Americans are not stupid.  Once we know and understand what is going on .. common sense steps in and makes judgements that cannot be made until that understanding is upon us. As the details of Obama’s healthcare plan have come to be […]

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Timely Toe Tapping Ditties

Enjoy! Fast Tube by Casper Fast Tube by Casper

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An Issue For We Americans

We the American people would love to have you listen to us… Washington .. and Obama is right in one thing… this concerning health care. This is an issue for the American people. Hear it here… as Obama states it. Remember?  You work for us?  We put you there and we pay your wages. You […]

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Obama’s Money Machines

The Obama health bill is the single most intrusive bill into our lives to come down the pipe ever. The Obama cap and trade bill is the second most invasive. What do they have in common? In the health bill.. there will be reasons.. very legitimate reasons of course.. in the government’s view.. to  tax […]

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Unheard Voices

House Democratic leaders have set up a war room from where they can learn tactics of how to handle those people who are vocally expressing their opposition to Obama’s healthcare plan. This by Jared Allen on The Hill…… With more news accounts of Democratic town hall meetings running rampant with angry and even violent anti-healthcare […]

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The Wonder Of America

The wonder of America has been showing through beautifully all of last week … proving once again when a threat to any of our freedom goes from a push to a shove… we will stand before it mightily. We have a right as Americans to speak our voice … to let our opinions be known […]

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