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Obama And Our Bill Of Rights

In the midst of the broad takeover of everything in our country that Obama is attempting to accomplish through his healthcare bill, his cap and trade bill and the appointment of his dozens of czars which answer only to him (who seem to be busy deciding what is best for all of us and reporting […]

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Misguided Worship

“I saw God before me.” So stated a restaurant owner in whose restaurant Obama dined while in France. It is a misguided totally embarrassing worship.  If the man knew Obama .. his drive .. his self importance .. his ego .. he surely would have felt differently. The problem is… he doesn’t know that Obama. […]

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Politics And What Is Best For America

There is no room for politics when it comes to making decisions of what is best for America … yet today … it is a game of politics that is making the decisions for all of us.. and those decisions will be and already have been very costly to us all. The costliest of the […]

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Obama Success

If you think Obama power is successful.. just look at these following headlines.   At first glance you would want to say … BOY.. this is horrible. .. and of course in reality it is. In Obama world… it is a great success. It is exactly what he has been working toward … the utter […]

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GM’s Battle To Live

As General Motors battles for its life … the handwriting is already on the wall.   Nothing will stop it from being forced into bankruptcy. The UAW agreed to big concessions in a desperate last minute gasp to save this great company… but the ominous hand over it all seems to say .. “do as […]

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