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Obama And His Rampant Spending Mindset

Even as the nation sinks deeper and deeper into debt and bankruptcy … Obama calls for more and more and more spending. First he called again on Congress for billions of dollars for the so called “doc fix”…. saying without it doctors will not be paid for medicare patients and would stop seeing them.  Scare […]

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While We Sleep

Awful things can happen while we sleep. One such is the bill in Congress right now that would require states to track the BODY MASS of all children 2 through 18 and report it to the federal health department each year… report to the “federal fat police”. Can you believe that? Another bill about to […]

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Just Another Muddled Morning

Obama says national debt is unsustainable and will cause skyrocketing interest rates. HUH? He hasn’t known this .. a simple fact of life… you spend too much.. you pay the cost? In the same breath .. he says people have a right to their credit.. and you slinking credit card companies with your slinking sneaky […]

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D.C. On A Roll

D.C. is on a roll … which may be a death roll for all of us. 2.5 trillion dollars… and that is above and beyond the everyday budget that had already been planned for last year. That is what has been spent  in new dollars in Washington D.C. by Obama and with the approval of […]

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