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Bits And Pieces

To gain respect you must show respect.  Is a President really showing respect by appearing on a comedy show?  Obama did that again .. and that again is because he has already shown himself on Saturday Night Live .. and now on Comedy Central. The question seems to be whether or not he should have […]

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Getting It All Backwards

It is always amazing.. and it always will be.. to see how people like Obama and Gibbs et al continue on their way getting it all backwards.  Even a child could understand the things Obama et al seem to not be able to grasp. The simple fact that spending money you do not have is […]

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The Unbridgeable Gap

There is an unbrideable gap between today’s White House and the American people who truly value this great country of ours and all it stands for. Obama is what stands on the far bank .. and the chances are slim to none that he will ever be capable of doing anything to help make that […]

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Bits And Pieces

How in the world do these people think?  It is just stunning.  Even as the unemployment rate rises and the job losses continue … yet one more member of this stunning administration … Labor Secretary Hilda Solis …. slaps everyone  on the back for the stunning progress that has been done on getting Americans back […]

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We The People

This has to be the most hopeful news of the day  …. We the people… we are back. Obama is living in such a void … a place of unreality where he seems to hear or see nothing that is going on in the real world. It matters not how much we the people have […]

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Congressional Magic?

While we sleep … Congress once more pulls its magic tricks. Remember when they … those great Representatives of ours .. told us if the healthcare bill did not pass .. they would just say it deeming it passed? Didn’t make much sense then  .. did it? Well .. now they have done it […]

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Why Is All News Energy On The Conservative Side?

The question … why is all the news energy on the conservative side now .. is one many on the left are asking. One writer states the Drudge Report and FOX news are so popular because they have earned it. There is more to it than that. The simple truth is … the conservative side […]

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Call Another Hearing!

What has Obama done to aid in the oil spill mess?  Called hearings! He seems more interested in seeing just whose “ass he can kick” and who he can fine and who he can prosecute rather than how can the Gulf be helped. He refuses to waive the Jones Act to get whatever help we […]

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A Black Cloud Pesters Us This Memorial Day

It is a day of honoring our troops …. all of our Armed Forces … all those in the past through today. The President of the United States has traditionally placed a memorial wreath at  the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetary on this day. Today that tradition was broken by Obama.  He […]

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Pride … Power… Honor … Greed

When does pride get in the way of all reason and common sense? Do you think that is what may be happening in Washington? Any one with any sense at all is able to see  that everything that this administration is doing is setting us up for the same fall as Europe is heading into […]

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The Twin Winners .. No Matter What

No matter what ..  twins Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be winners.  Obama has said so.  He has promised to subsidize those two hard working American’s money suckers for as long and with as much of our money as they want…. for as long as they ask for it. After showing a $13 billion […]

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If Only………………

If only Barack Obama had a knowledge of what this country really is .. what it stands for .. .what it has meant and continues to mean for the entire world. If only he knew what American freedom really is .. what the American dream really is… what American charity really is. If only he […]

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