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Speaker Boehner Asks For Fair Break For All Americans

Even as Obamacare is set to kick in this week …. Speaker of the House John Boehner has called on his fellow Republicans to continue fighting for a fair break for all in this law … by putting it off for a year to make sure all Americans are treated fairly within the law. The […]

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Obamacare Alert

Following is an update on the state of our healthcare today … Obamacare … a foresight into what is ahead for us all…..     Okay folks, I know you think the C-Span Channel that broadcasts all those Congressional hearings is boring, but, really, you should have been around to watch the Senate Finance Committee’s  hearing Wednesday […]

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Bits And Pieces

Hmm.. get your waiver from Obamacare yet? Maybe this is the answer for us all?  Perhaps only the select few……..? So the “Republicans” are holding small businesses hostage?  How about all those Americans who do not claim to be Republicans or Democrats or Independents or any political gender but just want to be sure we […]

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And So It Begins

And so it begins……… United Health Care and Blue Cross – Blue Shield in Florida have announced they will no longer offer individual children’s health insurance policies. Why? As of September 23, all insurance companies will be forced to cover any child with any disease or medical condition.  The fear of what unknown costs this […]

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The New Healthcare

Upon reading this article .. it seems as though the new healthcare we all have staring us in the face is just beginning to be written ..  that it is just now beginning to take shape… Certain tests ordered to be given free “The White House issued new rules…” New rules? How can this be? […]

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On To The Death Panels

And now that Obamacare has passed … the New York Times is asking the question… “How can we learn to say no?” Oh.. the arguments sound all so great and thoughtful and good …. after all … who doesn’t know of at least one person who goes to the doctor much more than they would […]

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Caterpillar annouced that the passing of Obamacare would cost them $100 million dollars in the first year.   Verizon said it would cause them to most likely cut healthcare benefits to employees to pay for what it will cost them.  Meditronic said the new tax on its products will cause them to lay off thousands of […]

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Still Not Sure Of Obama’s Agenda?

You will be once you view this. Fast Tube by Casper

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Sleight Of Hand .. Facts .. And Numbers

You can decide for yourself how honest and straightforward the facts are about Obamacare and all that goes with it. The Numbers Behind Health Care The deficit reduction brouhaha is a joke. Hear it for yourself. America …we are on the brink of a cliff. Are we about to be thrown over head first .. […]

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The Latest In This Fight For Our Country

This is just bizarre … at least it sure sounds that way …  how Pelosi and crew will work this weekend. Oil in America?  Oh of course not!  Oil in Russia in the Gulf of Mexico? Absolutely!! Slaughter us with the slaughter bill … representatives say yes . Republicans ready to battle for us all. […]

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The Madness Thickens

The CBO has not yet been able to give out its analysis on the cost of Obamacare.. but … the Democrats are making it sound as though it has and that it has declared the bill a COST saver. How in the world can ANYTHING that promises what the idiots touting this bill are promising […]

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Does He Fool You?

The interview with  Bret Baier and Obama was at best a “frustrating” conversation for Obama. Why? He was pushed for answers.  He didn’t give the answers but was obviously very frustrated because Baird would not quit pushing him for answers. Lies and false inuendos  is all we hear in this conversation from Obama as he […]

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