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Why Is All News Energy On The Conservative Side?

The question … why is all the news energy on the conservative side now .. is one many on the left are asking. One writer states the Drudge Report and FOX news are so popular because they have earned it. There is more to it than that. The simple truth is … the conservative side […]

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The Obama – Pelosi Bulldozer

Now that Obamacare has passed .. the Obama/Pelosi bulldozer will be rolling at high speed.  It is set to bulldoze down all in its way .. paving the way to  rebuild our nation from top to bottom .. with no concern or respect for one single American citizen in its way. The tax on so called […]

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Just Deem It Passed?

Pelosi obviously does not have the votes to pass Obama’s helathcare plan so is now hoping to just “deem it passed” without members of the House even voting on it. Let’s stop this bill once and for all. Email, fax or call as many House members as you can. Get the whip count here. Get email […]

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Pelosi Protects Her People

Nancy Pelosi has vowed to shield her people in the House .. to keep them from having to “stick their necks our” in controversial votes for the people. She is doing this for one reason only of course .. to help protect their seats … their jobs. You see … taking the hard stand on […]

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Bits And Pieces

Bits and pieces affecting us … ….perhaps.. if not now.. some day? Population control an effective measure in controlling “global warming”. Republicans accused of impeding healthcare …  HUGE accolades … and a hope it impedes it enough to stop it … for all of our sakes .. even those who think what they are trying […]

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This Will Be The New American Health Care?

There should be a way that every single American recieves the information released today .  It should be headlined in every news media across the country… and that of course is a fantasy of mine. What the release includes is not a fantasy.  It is as real as the idiots leading this country today. PELOSI: […]

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Just Another Muddled Morning

Obama says national debt is unsustainable and will cause skyrocketing interest rates. HUH? He hasn’t known this .. a simple fact of life… you spend too much.. you pay the cost? In the same breath .. he says people have a right to their credit.. and you slinking credit card companies with your slinking sneaky […]

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