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Qaddafi Rule To Sharia Law?

As the confusion goes on in Libya … as Obama stands up to take praise for the ‘liberation’ of Libya … what is really happening there? It had been reported … as it had been when Egypt was fighting for its ‘liberation’.. that a substantial portion of the backers of these revolutions were made up […]

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Forty Year Path Of A Dictator

Remorse ? Libya’s Qaddafi …  a softer side? Don’t be fooled….. Absolute authoritarian control. A dogged determination…. Leader forever. Playing it safe…. Shrewd moves = self perservation Forty years…. Forced adoration. Libyans will celebrate……….. Or will they?

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Free Speech Always Works

Qaddafi spent way way more than his allotted fifteen minutes to build his fame yesterday at the U.N. Summit in New York. He ranted and raved his way through something like 90 minutes of time. The simple fact that he was there in New York had to be extremely painful for every person who was […]

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A Real Time Comedy .. U.N. Summit In New York

This has to be the front runner of all comedies of the day .. the leaders of the world come together in all their glory .. those to whom Obama relates us all equal to. If laughing would make it not so real …  we should all laugh together until it has all just disappeared. […]

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