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Stirring The Pot

Know who you vote for in November. That is just what Sen. Jim DeMint is attempting to make sure we do… as he calls out all those Republicans or any other party affiliation lawmakers in Washington who do not have the heart of the people first in their sites… stirring the pot that is Washington […]

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The Latest In This Fight For Our Country

This is just bizarre … at least it sure sounds that way …  how Pelosi and crew will work this weekend. Oil in America?  Oh of course not!  Oil in Russia in the Gulf of Mexico? Absolutely!! Slaughter us with the slaughter bill … representatives say yes . Republicans ready to battle for us all. […]

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C’mon Guys .. I Will Let You In This Time

Come on over… guys.  I will let you in this time.  How’s that? Obama welcomed the Republicans to a whole half day summit on the healthcare bill .. “I want to consult closely with our Republican colleagues,” Obama told  Katie Couric, just hours before the Super Bowl. “What I want to do is to ask […]

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