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The Latest In This Fight For Our Country

This is just bizarre … at least it sure sounds that way …  how Pelosi and crew will work this weekend. Oil in America?  Oh of course not!  Oil in Russia in the Gulf of Mexico? Absolutely!! Slaughter us with the slaughter bill … representatives say yes . Republicans ready to battle for us all. […]

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A Huge Leap Of Weakness

So now Obama has capitulated to Putin. By scrapping the missile defense shield project in Europe …. Obama has taken that huge leap telling the world …. ‘we are really close now… we are so close to doing no more bullying things… trust us … we will get there completely very soon now..’ Seeing Obama […]

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Too Late For Another Wake Up Call?

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has announced Venezuela will be developing nuclear power with the help of Russia. “We’re not going to make an atomic bomb, so don’t bother us like with Iran,” he said on state television. “We’re going to develop nuclear energy with peaceful purposes.” And mosquitoes don’t cause itches. Obama has told the […]

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Bits and Pieces… political and social madness

Bits and pieces of the political and social madness whirling around us today……. The man sitting in the Oval Office of our country has been seen as another Gorbachev.   What did Gorbachev do? He tried to make the world believe that Russia was no longer what it was in the past. He wanted to […]

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