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Uh Oh

Scott Brown voted for the jobs bill … and people eveywhere gasped. They shouldn’t have. Just from the fact of where he lives is enough to tell everyone that he.. Scott Brown .. would never be the same conservative Republican found in other parts of the country.  The single fact that he would not vote […]

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Bits And Pieces

Where in the world is this person living? Obama following in JFK’s footsteps ? That is the biggest insult to Kennedy anyone could utter………… Will they ever understand? Gibbs on the healthcare path forward… The best path forward is to drop it .. we the people do not want it  …. yet even after the […]

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Our Society’s Sleeping Pill

If you wonder how our society  has been put so soundly to sleep … and why it is so hard to awaken it… … you need to watch the following video …  then relate it to the fact that mothers are dressing the youngest of daughters to emulate  the “star” of the video …… never […]

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Scott Brown Elected Because of Bush?

Well.. it had somesthing to do with Bush .. of course.. and not a good thing. Obama said this…. see video here … “.. the same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office.  People are angry and frustrated and not just because of what happened in the past year or two years […]

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The Giant Stirs … The Eagle Flies

The slumbering giant is rolling over  .. the eagle is back in flight. Watch out .. world. America is alive and well… freedom rings loudly within its people … and how appropriate the giant takes its first huge stretch in Massachusestts. When push comes to shove .. no one does it better than the American […]

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