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Biden Backs Rights Of Israel … Does Obama?

Joe Biden stood up and defended Israel’s rights even as the whole world seems to go against them. It is a small bright light in the face of this administration that wants to go against everything freedom stands for. The real question is .. does Obama agree with Biden?  If he does .. why the […]

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No Finger Pointing .. You Screw Ups!

In his self righteous indignity…. Obama slapped all those within reach who may or may not have had anything to do with the security of this country… chastising them over their colossal “screw up” which allowed for the attempted bombing of flight 253. Not once did he say … “The buck stops here.  I take all responsibility […]

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And So It Continues ?

And so it continues .. the at home terror .. right in our own fighters base .. and the media pretends it is nothing more than a poor victim ..Nidal Malik Hasan…  shouting “Alahu Akbar”.. who in all his stress opened fire on our military men at Fort Hood. The first question to ask is how […]

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Terrorism Alive And Well .. Right In Our Backyards

Obama says no.  Do not use the word terrorist.  Do not call it the war on terror. Yet… it is alive and well… terrorism and the terrorists .. right in our backyards. While we sleep .. who knows who is plotting where to break that sleep wide open with a bomb on the train your […]

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Bits and Pieces Of The Day

Every day .. a mixed bag  of  life. Oh the wonderful irony in that bag …………. Greens on green jobs And Obama promises more…… There will be consequences if you do not do as I demand ……… And sets aside demand not listened to….. .. OK.. don’t do that but do this … and do […]

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