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Deception Is The Name Of The Game

Words can be put together to depict whatever the writer wants them to depict. They are only as accurate as the writer is honest. This adminsitration and all connected to it and praising it … live under an umbrella of deception.   Reality .. honesty .. truth have no factor at all in anything that […]

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National Right To Work Foundation Fights Forced Unionization In Michigan

In December of 2008 … 40,000 or more home based child daycare owners in Michigan were welcomed into the Union and told as of January 1, 2009 a percentage of any money they recieved from the state covering daycare for children of parents whose income qualified them for that aid would be taken out of […]

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Ford And The UAW

Ford Motor Company announced a profit yesterday after hard work by all people involved in every aspect of the company. The UAW voted against a Ford proposal that would have brought Ford into the same realm as government owned and controlled General Motors and Chrysler .. with the members essentially saying they didn’t care how […]

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Welcome To The UAW.. Now How Do I Get Out?

Last December every home based childcare provider in the state of Michigan who was getting state aid money to help the parents of at least one state subsidized child was by force entered into the roll call of the United Auto Workers union (UAW). From January of 2009 on … every check that every home […]

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Oh Really?

Gettelfinger said today the UAW has no intention of keeping the O/G Motors stock it has been given. Oh really? That can be about as believable as Obama’s statement denying any knowleddge of the New York Air Force I flyover. By the way … who in the world do you think is going to buy […]

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Chrysler’s Bankruptcy and Takeover

As Chrylers’s bankruptcy filing and takeover goes on there are questions everywhere. The UAW .. who has not put a penny into Chrysler’s purchase owns 55% of the company. Those creditors who have kept Chrysler running are kicked to the ditch. Obama says Fiat will get nothing until all taxpayer money is repaid yet […]

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Another UNNAMED Administration Member

Has anyone noticed how often a spokesman for the administration is “unnamed” due to one reason or another? More often than not. In the announcement that the GOVERNMENT is preparing a bankruptcy filing for Chrysler .. the GOVERNMENT … and.. “The Treasury has an agreement in principle with the United Automobile Workers union, whose members’ […]

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