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Washington D.C.s Top Ten Most Corrupt Politicians … 2009

Here is a very interesting list … nice to know who is running our country .. after all……. Judicial  Watch’s top ten list of most corrupt politicians in Washington D.C. for 2009. So.. the feelings you have had were correct .. .and not political.  What we have seen was real .. and not percieved out […]

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In Perpetuity To The Folly Called Congress

Look at the faces.  See the ultimate look of triumph.  See what they have accomplished. It looks and sounds like “Dick and Jane”… sorry.. Dick and Jane. The ultimate sign of the complete juvenile behavior of our Congress screams out in bold red letters in what has to be the greatest folly yet of mankind […]

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Revisiting History

A short vacation in Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas of Virginia and Maryland and Pennsylvania saw me revisiting history in a manner that brought home all the conflicts of today … causing me to wish each and every American could revisit history in the same way … right now .. today. If that were […]

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Madness In Washington

Can anyone make any sense out of what is coming out of Washington D.C. today? Well … maybe not just from Washington. I don’t know where  President Jimmy Carter is these days. How anyone can take anything that has been going on and turn it .. all of it .. into “racism” as the cause […]

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Uncivil Right Wing Nutballs?

Tens of thousands of people protesting what is happening to our country marched on Washington today in the first Taxpayer March …. and they were termed “right wing nutballs.” You can hear it here.. where Peter Fenn states that Mark McKinnon .. a former advisor in the Republican party … called these people “right wing nutballs”… “freaks […]

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