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The Unbridgeable Gap

There is an unbrideable gap between today’s White House and the American people who truly value this great country of ours and all it stands for. Obama is what stands on the far bank .. and the chances are slim to none that he will ever be capable of doing anything to help make that […]

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Do As We Say .. Not As We Do

Can you .. an American citizen … walk in to Mexico … get work there.. stay there without legal permission? No .. and the President of Mexico … Calderon … says so very clearly. Yet .. he has the nerve to come over to our country and denounce the nerve of America to demand that […]

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Can We Find A Silver Lining?

It is said there is a silver lining in every cloud. Can we find a silver lining in the cloud that has settled over our freedom here in the United States with last night’s vote in the House of Representatives? We have been betrayed by the very people who were elected to represent us. Our […]

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A Ho Hum Lull

A ho hum lull seems to be settling over the nation concerning Washington and all its attempts to change this country.  Is it a sense of boredom with it all … a sense of relief that Obama is turning out not to be as effective as we thought he might be with all his proclamations […]

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Outrageous And Sinister

White House cuts exec pay by 90% . That is right.  Ninety percent. Outrageous. Where does the Constitution give anyone the right to cut anyone’s pay other than the employee of that person whose pay is in question? Obama has “bailed out ” these companies with the skewered idea that it therefore gives him control […]

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D.C. Power

Some interesting browsing…………  enjoy. Bank of America .. Obama controlled How Democrats handle investigations of their fellow men “… a political decision and not a military one.” Justice Department dictates to voters The mighty dollar……… Sharing defense secrets with China….. Cap and trade truth…… Oh the pride of it all….. Misused power…… Misused money.. more.. […]

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Gerry McEntee Needs To Be Applauded

The president of one of America’s largest labor unions, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) …    Gerry McEntee .. has chosen to stand up to the White House .. putting America and American citizens above politics… and he deserves to be applauded by every single freedom loving American. From labor to civil […]

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It Just Had To Come To This

How could it not have come to this .. Obama ready to accept the Taliban as part of Afghanistan’s rule .. even to relegating a portion of the country to them. He must be planning some diplomatic talks with them by now.. don’t you think? Though aides stress that the president’s final decision on any […]

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Humor in the White House … Obama style

Humor in the White House … Obama style….. This painting by Ed Ruscha does hang in the White House .. chosen as a light touch of humor by the Obamas. Do you think Obama had any idea how unfunny it would end up being … and after such a short time into his term?

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Sen. McConnell Defends Free Speech .. To A Fellow Senator

Concerns over how Obamacare may effect you? Don’t you  dare tell them what the truth is …. shut your mouth! Fast Tube by Casper The White House overstepping its boundaries .. by a long shot. Also .. how the Democrats are working in a ‘bipartisan’ way .. (that is being facetious) … more truth to […]

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Obama Talking Tough Through Silence

Is Obama’s silent voice on North Korea’s missile launches his talking tough?  Hardly. Here is the response from the White House ….. In Washington, the White House had no immediate comment. But two senior officials in President Barack Obama’s administration, speaking in advance of the launches, told the Associated Press that any reaction was likely […]

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Kindergarten Liars?

A group of kindergateners planned a White House visit as a field trip on a chartered bus from Virginia. They had planned this trip all year., with each child paying $20 for the bus and all names having been cleared by White House security. Arriving at the White House ten minutes late for their scheduled […]

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