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The Insults Keep On Coming.. Honduras

The insults keep on coming. The simple fact that our government would turn its back on a perfectly legitimate democracy for the sake of backing a Chavez wannabe is one more bitter insult to every single freedom loving American. The simple fact that somehow we are linked to this despicable move because they are our […]

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The Honduras “Crisis”

The only crisis in Honduras seems to be that the people do not want Zelaya.. the ousted president .. back in office. Mr. Zelaya said he is ready to accept in principal points set forth to settle the matter by a mediator appointed to end the matter. One problem .. the interim government of Micheletti […]

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The Media And Honduras

If is just funny how the media has a way of turning black into white and white into black .. no racial meaning inferred .. just a way of saying wrong into right and right into wrong. How they do it is with a sleight of words. Why they do it is another story completely […]

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