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Become that tattle tale you were always taught not to be!

Tattle to Janet .. to Obama!  Tattle to someone in this government!

That is Janet Neopolitano’s continuing cry.

It is the same old cry of fear that she wants to instill in each of us …. for once she has … Obama et al will be one step closer to full control.

“You know, as members of the private sector — and I know, in my role as secretary — how hard it is to get a message across to the general public and get them thinking in that way, right?” she said. “No government department, no matter how large or how well-run, can do it by itself, and the private sector, no matter how large and well-run, [can’t] do it by itself [either]. It has to be a partnership, and the public has to be involved.”

So… watch that neighbor … watch that fellow shopper and your coworker … and tattle to Janet!  In fact  .. it could very well be your very son or daughter .. or your wife or husband.. or your mother or father … plotting to undo this country .. so watch them too!

When the fear has been sufficiently passed along .. we will all be so busy fearfully watching each other.. we will be oh so thankful to gain a crumb of bread from Obama et al!


Once we have lost trust in our fellow citizens .. we have lost trust in all.

Janet’s latest…  targeting whites as terrorists…

Fast Tube by Casper

Janet must go.  It is the only solution to this that I can see.

What is it with Governor Rick Perry?  He throws his hat in the ring and …. the left goes out of its mind.

What is it with him?

He sees the truth .. the reality .. of what is going on at the hands of this administration and is not one bit afraid of saying so .. of pointing it out.

Anyone in the public eye speaking the truth so simply and clearly  is a death hand to this administration … and someone to be pounded down upon.

That is old stuff .. and getting older by the moment.  Funny how those who are pounded just seem to rise higher.

The truth stands for itself… and needs no defending once it is spoken.

It has a strength beyond anything else.