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Teachers Matter

Do you still remember that special teacher who had such a great effect on your life?  Do you also remember that one teacher who seemed to have nothing but a grudge to carry and took it out on you and every other student in the class?

Teachers matter.

Students do remember how and what they say.

The fact that one teacher can take it upon him or her self and ask students to think of what rights they are willing to give up for any reason is not something any teacher in this country should be allowed to get away with and still retain a job as melders of our children’s minds.

There is a teacher in Florida who has done just that and the school district’s response to the objections raised is that their concern lies with the ‘after the lesson’ activity that may have been conducted which is assumed to mean the teacher asking the students to write down which rights they would be willing to give up for security or safety and then sign it.

This is the note the students were asked to write.  The signature is not shown as the student is underage.

You can read about it here.

Teaching students in a manner that makes them more aware of the value of our rights is one thing.  Teaching them in a way that makes them decide which rights they would give up is another thing completely that seemingly prepares them to sacrifice those rights down the road should some heavy handed politician convince them through propoganda that it would be the right thing to do “for their own good”.

It surely seems to follow the pathway to preparing young minds that all is for “their good” when in fact it is all for just the opposite .. for oppression and repression as a government slowly works to undermine every single good thing a country has always stood for.

Is seems to be the pattern more and more in our government funded (taxpayer paid for) public schools.

It all falls right in the lap of what the person sitting in our Oval Office is so obviously working for… complete and total control of every aspect of our lives.

To accomplish that the molding has to begin young after all. What better way than through our schools?

This of course is nothing new …. it just has never been so outrageously blatant in the past.

Do you know what your child is being taught these days?