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Temper Tantrum?

A child is expected to have temper tantrums when things don’t go his/her way.

A president?

Obama is having his greatest temper tantrums to date in this time before the November election.  He is stamping his feet and shouting out like that child who has not yet learned that life is not such that it bends to every whim on demand.

It would be pathetic high comedy .. watching him in action as he was yesterday in Parma, Ohio .. as he was in Milwaukee on Monday… spewing his hatred for all those Americans who do not agree with his agenda and dare to speak up against it .. if it were not so real .. if it were a movie.

This of course is reality.  It is whom we have sitting in our Oval Office today and class is not encompassed at all in Obama when it comes to disagreeing with Obama.

This is America .. and Obama too has the right to free speech. . but for him to talk about someone else turning a surplus into a deficit after he has built the deficit up as high in one year as the country has in 200 years is just beyond reason… and of course for him to expect the “rich” of the country to pay off his wild spending spree through higher taxes as he talks about spending billions more is as unfair and mad as anything can get.

Our freedom has been bought and preserved at a price forever beyond measure and for Obama .. or anyone for that matter …  to stand up and act as though anyone who values those freedoms and is willing to stand up and say so should be looked upon as traitors to him goes beyond words.

Having him sitting in the Oval Office is the greatest wake up call this nation has received .. the greatest wakeup call to each of us to how this freedom of ours can be snatched from us from right within our midst.

It calls for each and every one of us to be on our toes at all times when it comes to electing our leaders.

We must know whom we are voting for.  We must take that responsibility  seriously with every election … from our local leaders on up to the federal level.

The right to vote is more than a right .. and our freedom goes so very much higher than the game of politics.

Voting is a duty .. a duty that needs to be taken seriously by each and every one of us.

It is time we make sure our votes work to putting our freedom back in the hands of we the people and out of the hands of politicians who see nothing but power and money in being elected.

We must get the temper tantrums out of the Oval Office.

Vote in November and make sure you know whom you are voting for.

By the way… wasn’t it Obama who demanded that “torture” be stopped … IMMEDIATELY?  Give credit where credit is due .. people!  9th Circuit Court preserves right to wartime policies against our enemies .. something Obama was NOT for.

And by the way some more….. what right do illegal aliens in Allentown, Pennsylvania or anywhere in these United States have to SUE our people against enforcing laws agaisnt them .. the illegal aliens?

Madness reigns supreme.

Here is proof that leaves no room for argument of the truth of that…

Oh for the simplicity of the good old days … when if this craziness was going on … at least no one heard of it!

The Cook Political Report ... interesting indeed.