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The American Spirit And Obama

The American spirit is more resilient than any on earth … and this has been proven over and over again through history.   We deal with what is put before us … making lemonade out of lemons.

We continue to do this and it is being proven once again in this worst of economic and political times as Obama does all in his power to step upon our free spirit and our very lives of freedom.

In spite of him…. we plug forward and our economy is beginning to show some results of that.

What does Obama et al do?

They find  a way to take credit for it… and use it as an excuse to continue on their destructive devastating spending path … and the path of “redistributive” wealth.

Positive jobs report becomes ammo in fight over spending.

Of course … how could we expect anything different?

The sad thing once again is that there will be those here in America who will follow in that same path … extolling the good of this administration as they have to now and they would never admit that the path it is on is a deadly one.  Should the day come that all freedom is lost .. including theirs … they would somehow find a way to blame it on … well…. George Bush .. I suppose.

Thank goodness for the American spirit.

It lives on … in spite of everything.

We will prevail.  Just make sure you keep in touch with your represesntatives in Washington and in your state.

It does make a difference.