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The Anonymous Ones

“..source remains anonymous”……

Is it because more and more people working closely with this adminsitration are becoming aware of the ridiculous claims .. the abject deceit by default it is performing .. that they do not want themselves identified?

Is it because they fear for what may befall them in the days ahead should their identity be known and they finally one day stand up and speak the truth about this administration?

Is it because this administration has ordered all “informants” to remain anonymous that every paragraph we read in today’s news outlets say  “source remains anonymous due to the fact that this report really has nothing to do with what is actually going on and if you really did know what was actually going on you might go  after the source so he would then fear for his life… ” type of thing?

Whatever the reason .. it is getting quite boring reading about all these great events unfolding written by “souce kept anonymous”.  It makes me wonder if I went to sleep and woke up in anther time and in another place on this earth .. maybe even on a different planet .

Everything is inside out and backwards.

Those who are working hard to keep their businesses going and employing people are being targetted by the government as though they are the enemies of all Americans.     “.. but it is good for the people who have been living in hardship while all those rich people live high off of what really beongs to those living in hardship..”  says a source that must remain anonymous because this certainly is not a given fact.

Those who have taken advantage of every “freebie” government offer paid for by the taxes of those businees owners and employees are the ones to now honor. They are the martyrs whom have given all their lives by living in poverty while those businessmen and employees have taken from them all that is rightfully theirs.  This is in addition to the given non fact above.. given by the same anonymous source.

Does that make any sense at all?

We must be on another planet.

Billions and billions of taxpayer money has been taken to be spent on fixing an economy that is only going though a natural self correcting cycle that has no prospect of fixing itself as long as the governmet has its hands in it.   As the government meddles more and more.. the economy gets worse and worse and the government says “oh good .. our plan is really working here so now we must spend a trillion or more of your money”.  Of course.. the source reporting this quote remains anonymous for fear it isn’t true.

The government is saying it wants to prosecute the former administration for hitting the people who caused the murder of thousands of Americans on 9/11 .. prosecuting them for doing whatever they did to them to get information that helped stop thousands of more Americans from being killed.  All this froma n anonymous source who refuses to say just where the information came from.

The government is threatening to prosecute the CIA for something or other that isn’t even quite clear but has something to do with the nerve they had in saying the speaker of the house was not quite honest in s statement or two of hers.  She will get them back for that. An anonymous source says he/she can’t say anymore because after all this has nothing to do with him/her anyway.

A turncoat president .. who had presented himself as a lover of freedom during his campaign and was elected under those promises .. was taken out of power in Honduras for performing illegal acts in office in attempting to take control as a dictator and the people of Honduras cheer at the move .. wanting their freedom preserved.  Our government stands behind the removed ex-president and against the freedom loving people of Honduras .. locking hands with the likes of Chavez, Castro and Ortega .. wonderful dictators all. The anonymous source says Obama stands by the side of the true president of Honduras.

North Korea announces it plans to send a missile to Hawaii.  Not a word to the American people from the White House.  The anonymous sources says the White House does not want to antagonize North Korea.

For so many decades all you Americans have had to walk around with your heads hung low… necessarily being ashamed of having to call yourselves American.  Now.. however .. finally.. for the first time in history.. you can raise your heads high and walk around in pride.  No longer is the United States that mightier than all others,,, stronger than all others.. freer than all others… more caring and caretaking of the world than all others … a beacon of hope for all other countries on this earth.  Smile… you are all finally one with the world.  This great pronouncement has come anonynmously from somewhere in the White House .. either the Oval Office or the office where the person claiming the First Lady title sits.

Thank you … all you anonymous ones.

You sure have a way of making my day.

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