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The Arrogance Is Complete

Update:  The ShoreBank has been closed by teh FDIC but is remaining open under a new name.

And now this .. let the truth be told…  comparing Reagan to  Obama in time of economical mess.

The arrogance is complete now… and no longer will Obama even attempt to hide that which he is doing  with words and sleight of hand trickery… or will he?

The utmost show of bold in-your-face arrogance … sitting on top of the American people .. is his bailout of the ShoreBank in Chicago.

It is the same old players at hand here…. Goldman Sach, JP Morgan, Citigroup and GE… all deep pockets for Obama …. explicitly obvious here of course.

Is he flaunting his game for a reason now?  Could it be something like … ‘here.. guys.. just see if you can stop me now.’

How many banks have been closed in the past year?  Who were they?  Could it be Obama is simply “cleaning house”… getting down to the crux of the matter… down to his handpicked banks .. all who will play his game in perfection for the almighty dollar that drives them?

One central totally government run and controlled banking system .. made to look innnocent and “free”?

Nothing with Obama is innocent or free.  His arrogance is complete and bold and flaunted.

Know who you are voting for in November… and get all you know to get out to vote.

Our freedom depends on it.