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The Awakening

It doesn’t really matter how it happens .. it doesn’t even matter that they didn’t know and backed him in the past.

The important thing is they become awakened and do all possilbe now to preserve this country and all its greatness.

It seems those “elite” of the country .. the likes of Mort Zuckerman and Barbra Streisand … are finally seeing for themselves just what Obama is doing.

Will they  back the right people now .. those who will work to make sure Obama cannot do more damage than he already has … and to undo that which has been done if at all possible?

What is that old saying?

“Fool me once .. shame on you.  Fool me twice … shame on me.”

When push has come to shove .. and our American way has been threatened … the American spirit has always come  into play … and we all have become one.

The United States of America.

Will that prove to stand now?

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