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The Disgrace Of It All

Obama throws money at his government motors … the General Motors he totally ruined for we the people … and now this…..

Obama denies individual aid for storm relief….

What more needs to be said about the man?

Perhaps this adds to it.

Arizona decides to enforce a law that is already on the federal books but the federal government does not enforce.. .a law against illegal immigration.

Obama refers to it as a possible “civil rights” infraction and threatens to prosecute …. and now Neopolitano decides to have unmanned predator drones fly over Texas and Arizona???

Will they be armed?????

Goldman Sachs decides to stand up to the government for the sake of the rights of corporations to do with their money as they please.

The senators call it  “unbridled greed”… a wonderful irony .. coming from some of the greediest people in the country.

.. and now Obama is “concerned” about Greek and its economical mess…. not caring a whit about the mess he has and continues to cause here!

Of course .. he is after all a “global citizen” .. not “just” sitting in the Oval Office of OUR White House.

He intends to rule the world …. obviously .. once he has fininshed tranforming this country into one he can once and for all fully rule.

Where oh where has the government of the people, by the people, for the people gone .. based on our Constitution?

Will it ever be returned?

What a mad mess Obama has brought to this great country of ours. Can we possibly survive till November even?

If we do… have enough people awakened to all of this madness yet to care enough to get to the polls?

Can Obama still fool enough people to keep this madness going?

It is in our hands… Americans.

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