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The Elite Obama Administration And Other Stuff

Joe Biden is in Europe.

In a one night stay in Paris he spent $585,000.50.

His wife is with him and they are visiting three countries … Germany, France and England … all in the name of diplomacy I would suppose.

You really should keep a close watch on where he is visiting and enjoy it right along with them as much as possible.

That is your money he is spending.

There is something else today worthy of keeping an eye on.

The Pakistani company that makes the chemical found in 80% of the roadside bombs killing our troops in Afghanistan wants a tax break from Obama for a plant in Indiana.

Never mind worrying about them getting it… how in the world were they even allowed to even APPLY for it?

In the meantime … Michigan Governor Snyder has given Detroit officials every chance in the world to get their house in order …. saying state money… taxpayers’ money… can no longer be used to be just thrown away.

Their were enough in power in Detroit who would not take advantage of all the governor was trying to do to help them and now it has come to the point where Gov. Snyder has appointed an emergency financial manager to step in to staighten out the mess the elected officials refused to … or were unable to… fix.

The result?

A coming together finally to do what is right for the people of Detroit and for all the people of Michigan?

Of course not.

Jesse Jackson calls for mass protest against emergency financial manager in Detroit.

“Detroit cannot be reduced to a rummage sale,” Jackson said.

It was long ago reduced to less than a flea market… now has a chance to rise once more.

Perhaps Jackson should ask the people of the city how they feel before interfering.

The Obama administration has played every emotion it can find in its battle to take guns away from we the people… and now they have stooped to a new low … as they send out John Lennon’s bloody glasses as a new tool.

Twitter is the medium.

Obama et al are not worried about we the people getting shot.  If they were they would not be trying to take our legally owned guns away.  We all know that.  It is simply their way of achieving their agenda.. control control control.

We all know a person with criminal intent will never register his gun.

Simple common sense… which is such a rare commodity among those people who fall for every single move this administration is making … allowing them to forge right on through our freedoms… or at least to continue trying.

And where oh where is the backbone of those so-called conservatives we voted into Congress as we believed they meant what they said…. that they would STOP the madness using all they could to do so?

They would STOP Obamacare … which they still can do by simple defunding it … as they could do to so much of the over spending going on.

Why won’t they use that power?  Seems to me this is just the scenario it was put in place for in the first place..for a check and balance on an overly aggressive person sitting in the Oval Office.

Why are they afraid to stop him?  It is their and their families freedoms as well as yours and mine who are threathened or already stripped.

Oh what a wonderful time we live in.

… and now this… as Joe lives high in Europe…

FAA closes airport towers.  All those closed are run by private companies as opposed to government run…with 75% being in Republican districts.

“The White House does not understand the consequences of these actions, or they do and they simply do not care,” Craig Fuller, president and chief executive officer of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, a Frederick, Maryland-based advocacy group, said at a town-hall meeting yesterday at DuPage Airport in West Chicago, Illinois.


…read more on that here….

Oh … we the people will pay for Obama not getting his way!

We will pay.