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The Fun And Freedom Of Just The Truth With Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood last night showed all who watched and wished to or were able to see… what fun and freedom there is in just telling the truth …. bringing out the facts.

What a refreshing few moments we shared last night listening to Clint in all of his irreverance of “political correctness” which is only a way of telling us to speak anything but the truth.

What a great feeling of “freeness” swept through our lives for just those few moments when we could all laugh at all that has made our lives so miserable … all that President Obama has done or attempted to do to this country and each and every person living here.

No matter what the stiff legged unrelenting desperate glaring tooth gritting out-of-“our”-hearing cursing back biting lying opponents of all things American try to do with Clint’s speech … no one can take away those precious special moments he gave us last night.

Thank you .. Clint Eastwood.

We waited a long time for you.

For all those who may have missed it …. enjoy.


Fast Tube by Casper

Now compare that to the following…..

State Department and its idea of “justice” …. in all its “wonderful refreshing oh so full of wisdom” political correctness….

Enough to make one vomit.

Now  read this and you decide if Israel has the right to defend itself against the threats of Iran in spite of Obama treating our strongest mid-east ally like a bag of rotten potatoes.

Vote in November as though everything you value most in your life and the lives of those you love depends on it…. for it does.