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The Government Reports

The government reports are getting more and more removed from reality with every one .. so it seems if you are out living in reality.

First there was the report from Michelle Obama that 1 in 5 children living in America are obese.  I looked around me and thought of the many many many  children I see and know and wondered which one of every three there would be considered obese by the government.  Not one was in my eyes .. not one in all those many.

Of course.. right along with that report came the pronouncement that it is the government’s resonsibility to take care of that massive problem of obesity in children therefore “they” must look for ways to make sure our ..mine and your .. kids are eating the right foods at the right time in the right amounts at the right places… on ad nauseum.

Sometime after that came the government report that General Motors is doing great and fine and even magically made a two or three or four billion dollar “profit” .. or was it ten billion …. in the third quarter of this year.  Following that great report … came  of course the absolute landmark sale of its stocks to the lucky public .. who really wasn’t so lucky at all as the public did not get to buy one share of that stock even if they wanted to .

Next came the report from General Motors themselves that the internal controls on its financial reporting are ineffective.

Of course anyone with any brains had to know something was ineffective.  There is no way on earth GM could be showing any profit in the billions when it is still in the red with its pension funding.

Oh well.. it was a government report and who cannot trust that .. right?  Of course .. we won’t even mention the fact that every penny GM has is ours anyhow….. so their “billions” should be given back to us.. don’t you think?

Now comes the latest government report.

One in FIVE Americans have mental illness.

Wow.  I look around me and think of all the hundreds of people I know and wonder .. which ones are the one in five among them that are metally ill?


How can anyone not be with what is happening in this great country of ours.

Mentally ill?

Far far from it.

The metally ill are on the writing side of these reports.