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The Great Surrender

Speaker Boehner has a plan.

Is this the great surrender?

If this plan goes through to the desk of Obama .. it certainly is.

The Republicans in the House need to dig that line in rock as deep as they can and hold it.  It is called standing up for your convictions .. no matter what the cost.

One of the convictions those Republicans were believed to have when elected was that they wanted to stop the spending by this administration.

Now is their chance.. and what are they doing?

They are capitulating to Obama.

“We will make sure there is a saving equal to the debt ceiling raise.”

What does that do?

Does that stop the spending?  Does it pay the deficit down?  Does it serve any purpose at all to help the horribly broken economy in this great country of ours?  Does it send a positive message to all business owners that everything will now begin improving and they can once more look forward to growing their businesses .. to hiring more employees?  Does it give hope and promise to all those who are out there so desperately looking for work just to feed their families?  Does it shine a bright light to all those who own homes … telling them the value of their assets will improve now?

Those Republicans have to force this administration to stop its spending.  Do you have more money to give them to spend?  Does anyone?

Who cares what the consequences are?  Why worry about what Obama will do?  Who has the option of thinking there is some other way out of this mess we are in because of Obama?

Most of all … who cares about capitulating to Obama.  It is what he is demanding of course.  It is the last thing on earth these Republicans should do.

Speaker Boehner needs to back off and stand firm.  Can he?  Can anyone in Washington? They need to have the resolve to do it.. the conviction that if they don’t .. this nation will continue on its downhill slide that Obama has pushed it down.

This is not time for the great surrender.

It is the time to stand tall and firm in Washington like no other time in history.

If our soldiers can do it … certainly our elected representatives can do it.  How hard is it to stand up for this country?

If in the end.. it is shown they can’t .. then we have once more put the wrong people in office.

Call Obama’s bluff.

Stand up for this country.