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The Inconvenient Truth About Healthcare Insurers

There seem to be many truths in today’s times that become very inconvenient for Obama and his adminiistration.  Those truths become snags in their efforts to fulfill their agenda … which they want to conveniently profess to be only for the good of the people.

The inconvenient truth about global warming is.. of course .. that it has been one great hoax played on the people via false everything… and the big inconvenient truth that goes along with that is the people of this country are not stupid and are not so easily fooled.

The inconvenient truth about our health insurers .. if known to all of the people .. would be a very huge detrimental factor in the passage of Obama’s healthcare bill … a bill which is not in the best interests of the people at all .. in any way … but for one purpose only… control… as is his whole agenda.

Read the inconvenient truth about healthcare insurers.

It will surely surprise you if you have listened even with only a small ear to the Obama lies… and tended to believe them.

If you have known all along that Obama’s bill is bad for our nation … the above will affirm the fact that you probably suspected all along..but perhaps didn’t want to put in words.

Obama’s claims about the negative aspects of our health insurers are lies… and big ones … as is most of what he says.

The inconvenient truth about our healthcare insurers is just that to Obama .. a very huge inconvenient truth.

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