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The Kid In The White House

Obama stamps his feet via words and points his finger and speaks of those who won’t give him what he demands as though they are a bunch of ogres who don’t belong on this earth.

A two year old does the same thing when he wants his candy and is told no.

What we have sitting in our Oval office of our White House is soemthing completely and totally foreign to most of us….. to all of us if all of us would be honest.  Never before have we had sitting there someone who is so completely agsainst all this country stands for.

Oh .. we have had plenty of Democrat presidents .. but have we ever had one who proclaims to have all the answers to everything and believes he can ride rough shod over anything that stands in his way?

Obama tries that.  Nothing new there.

Obama is way beyond Democrat.

He has certainly brought his true nature out for all to see. There were plenty who were fooled by his deceptiveness in the past.  Is there anyone left who can say they cannot see the man for what he is now?

Charles Krauthammer says it quite well in this piece today…  Obama’s budget posture is a farce.

It clearly exhibits Obama’s method of operation.

Everything is always everyone else’s fault.

A two year old believes the same thing.

Another clear example of how he works …. through sleight of hand .. trick mirrors and words….  Maybe you should pay more attention.

… and here he is stomping his feet ... Obama threatens to hold up Social Security checks.  Couldn’t that be called blackmail?

…. and his cronies helping him stomp his feet …. GE CEO Immelt tells businesses to quit complaining about the government and step up…. this from the head of a giant company that paid NO taxes last year. 

… and here … do we have someone ready to give in again to Obama’s demands?  McConnell offers backup plan.  What ever happened to just say no … and no .. and no?

… and what in the world are those Republicans thinking .. not repealing every single federal grab of freedom they can find?  Here they choked on the ban of regular old light bulbs….. House turns out light on Baron’s light bulb bill.